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Some projects I've worked on

Over the years, I've worked on a number of personal or small team projects. Some of them are listed here, sorted in rough order of "polishness". I am excluding for now all the "one-off" projects, for which I will create a separate page at some point.

Petničke eSveske (Petnica ePapers) site

An online repository of student papers from Petnica Science Center. This is an unofficial-official digital archive of the otherwise paperback published "Petnica Papers" collection of student papers. On a technical level, the site is a static website generated from an excel sheet using a Makefile & some python scripts, hosted on GitHub Pages.

Notify Me site

A website for tracking other websites. I worked on most of the serverless backend infrastructure, build system and some scraping logic. The backend is implemented in Python and runs on Google Cloud Infrastructure, mostly as Cloud Functions and Cloud Runs.

This website repo

Born as a love letter to simpler Web 1.0 days in which I started my programming career, this website is both my professional home page, and my personal expression medium. It contains exactly 0 web frameworks, site generators, or content management systems. 100% pure HTML + CSS + JS and animated GIFs, as gods intended.

Tree Sitter bindings for DotNET repo

A thin wrapper for dotnet of the TreeSitter api. This started as a wrapper of just a few functions I needed, but since no official wrapper exists, I decided to just publish it to NuGet.

PetitParser for Python repo

A port of PetitParser parser combinator library to Python. Based on the Java implementation, with some "artistic liberties" taken when it comes to operator overloading and other meta-programming features Java lacks. These include more idiomatic rule and action specification, using metaclasses.

Everything repo

A joke python library which appears to contain every other python library. Born from the from * import * python joke, which can now legitimately be written as from everything import *. A feature I intend to implement is on-demand package installation when imported, but never got to hacking it out.

JavaNET repo

A Java to DotNET transpiler, that converts JARs to DLLs. Mostly an experiment in static bytecode transpiling that I spent more time on than most other experiments I worked on. Can actually run small JARs without problem, but still has a lot of other issues, including being unable to fully transpile the Java standard library. I may return to it at some point, but right now remains unmaintained.